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“I was just as excited as my sons were when I saw the 3D Avengers nightlights. My sons LOVE them and we have been asked by several people where we found them. They are really easy to install and the decal that comes with them adds that perfect touch to make them seem more realistic! Also, given the price of superhero stuff licensing, the lights were very reasonably priced. They are definitely a big hit with this family!!”


“When I was a kid I would have loved these things. My 2 year old grandson is into the Avengers.  Thor is his favorite followed closely by the Hulk. He has two (different) Thor hammers and has the Hulk hands all of which were provided by his grandpa, me. I do like the cracked sticker effect and can only imagine the look on my grandson’s face if he sees Thor’s hammer “stuck” in his bedroom wall. Back in my day all I had was the 12 cent comic book to get me by.”

Anonymous – USA

“I loved this product soo much!! I got the light for Christmas from my mom. At first I was a bit confused at first but then realized what it was. It was my favorite Christmas present. I had it above my bed before I moved. When I realized that I had to leave the sticker at the house, I was really upset because I didn’t know you could buy just the sticker. I was over joyed when I figured out that we could just get the sticker. I am in love with this product!! Especially the soccer ball! Since I have been playing soccer since I was little. Thank 3D Lights for the amazing products!!
Thanks again.”

Emilee – Wayne ,PA

“Our son is a hockey fanatic. The walls of his room are adorned with hockey posters, sticks, banners, and other hockey memorabilia. So what could be a better addition to the room than a pair of hockey pucks lights. The template provided made it easy to mount them to the wall and gives a distinctive look to the room, especially at night. The lights are near the head of our son’s bed and provide enough light for him to look at his hockey cards and soft enough that he can still fall asleep when they are left on. They look cool and are functional too!”

Kim & Neill – Halifax, NS

“I was searching for the perfect gift for my 11 year old grandson who loves playing soccer when I came across the Soccer Ball Light. It is a huge hit with his friends. It was very easy to install and provides a very soft ambient night light for his room. I will definitely be purchasing another for his younger

Margaret – South Hampton, MA

“When our son turned 3 – We wanted to create a very cool kids room for him. We didn’t want the typical old people furniture. He loves cars and sports. We bought him a car bed, which is very cool. But the old moon light that we had hanging from the wall with the cord just wasn’t working. When we found out
from a friend that there was this new product available, we ordered it right away. It was perfect – he and we absolutely love this light. It was the perfect finishing touch for our son’s room.”

Thank You 3D light FX – great product.

Amanda and Ron – Mississauga, ON

“The Soccer Ball Light is a huge hit with our 4 year old son Kian! It was very easy to install and surprisingly provides a very soft ambient night light for his room… I’m thankful for not having to keep his door open so we can enjoy some music in the house when he’s in bed. Kian is so conscious every morning about turning it off to save the battery. I came to your website to order another one for our other younger son and just had to tell you about our experience. Thanks.”

Leila and Damian – Toronto, ON

“I ordered this to go in my son’s nursery. I thought it just looked cool… I am very happy with it. The light it puts out is soft & not too bright.”

Jessie – Nepean, ON

“When I saw the soccer ball light in our friends kids room, I thought it was a great idea for my husband (Mike). Being a huge sports fan, he has created for him self the ultimate man cave. I purchased the ball at Wal-Mart and it was the perfect gift for Mike. I am not much of a sport fan, so I rely don’t know what to get him when it comes to that stuff. The ball was a winner, he was so excited he couldn’t wait to put it up in his “Man Cave”. He loves and I am the perfect wife, lol.”

Laura – Vancouver, BC

“Wonderful item! My wife and I purchased the soccer ball light to help our infant son fall asleep. Within minutes he would be off to dream land. Our 3yr old daughter also loves the light. She would sit in his room and gaze at it every night so we decided to purchase a pink one for her room.”
Vince – Edmonton, AB

“Hi, I just wanted to write and let you know that my daughter loves soccer, anything soccer. She saw the soccer light at a friend’s house and wanted one for her room. I wasn’t sure if a soccer ball with a big crack sticker was a good idea for her room. But she won, I got her the ball and all I have to
say: IT’S AMAZING! It is so much better than the pictures, the pictures don’t do it justice – I mean this ball looks great when it’s turned off. But when you turn it on at night, it’s breathtaking, the light is so soft, almost calming. The sticker was not as easy to put up for me, but I did it – you just have to take your time.”

Tina – Culver City, CA

Awesome light, I purchased it for my games room but my 11 year old son made me install it in his room. Looks really good, so I purchased another for my games room.

Owen – Calgary, AB

“This light was given to my daughter for her 7 birthday, my 5 year old son cried for 3 days until he got one as well. I imagine you have 1 more sale coming as I am 7 months pregnant.”

Ella – Winnipeg, MB

“I was the hit of the baby shower! Everyone brought baby clothes and the usual gifts, but when the mother to be opened up the soccer light it went around the room – TWICE. Everyone wanted to know where I got it. Thanks for making me look so good.”

Angie – Marina Del Ray, CA